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Meet the Artists... 

Michael O’Neill 

Residing in the Photography industry is my dream and I get to live it every day!  I am a very driven person who is always looking for ways to improve the pose, the angle, the lighting, and the experience.  I have been asked many times what is the best photograph you have ever taken or your favorite shot. My answer is always “the next photo I take”. I love being a photographer!

I am very light hearted during a photo session always talking to my clients to get that natural pose and expression.

I have studied photography in Europe, Canada, Mexico and all over the United States receiving many awards for creativity, lighting and style along with way.

I will never be famous or remembered 100 years from now but I will have captured memories for many clients and future generations; that warms my heart.

What’s your story? Together let's capture it.

Erin O'Neill

In 2005 my husband bought me my first Canon. A Rebel T3i and I thought I was ready to take on the photography world. Boy was I wrong! Photography is so much more than a really nice camera. It involves having a creative eye and being able to tell a story with a simple click of the shutter. Some years have gone by and I'm still a Canon girl. I now shoot with a Canon 5D Mark ii and 7D, I'm working my way towards adding a Canon Mark iii 5D to my collection. I've learned many things along the way and I feel like I'm still growing as an artist. However, I've become very comfortable with the artist I am and I love the work that I do. I feel like my work is unique and really tells a story of what it is that I'm capturing.

Currently I'm living in Guam although my work has traveled with me to many parts of the world. I've had the privilege to work in Europe, Canada and many states here in the U.S. I'm the mother of a beautiful, bright 4 year old little girl and I'm a proud military wife. Although photography is my passion I also love to cook. And there is nothing better than drinking a beautiful glass of wine while indulging in the kitchen. I love to read...especially to my little girl and most nights I'm in bed by 9pm. I love sleep. Usually you'll find me jamming out to One Republic right before a photo shoot. I feel it helps put me in the zone.

So here's the brutally honest truth about my work - I don't just take pictures. I capture memories, I create a story, I stop time, and it will look like a work of art when I have finished doing my job.

Timeless Photography by ONeill is a DFW wedding photography studio also specializing in engagement and family photography in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area including DFW.


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